News: [ONGOING] Issue with VPS node BS-DAL5KVM4

Published: 2024-02-09

Ongoing issue with bs-dal-e5kvm-4 VPS node. Node is unreachable.

Server was replaced from last incident and new box went down again.

We will post updates as we have them.

09.02.2024 18:06 GMT+2 We are waiting KVM delivery from datacenter.

09.02.2024 18:30 GMT+2 KVM Delivered. We are investigating.

09.02.2024 19:40 GMT+2 At this point, we concluded that RAID card has died on the node. We are checking available hot spares for immediate replacement with the datacenter.

09.02.2024 23:50 GMT+2 As our DC was working to replace the affected server (as we have no spare RAID card on site) and move disks around, one of the PDUs went offline bringing core network equipment down including some VPS nodes.
They are working on priority to fix the problem.

09.02.2024 07:00 GMT+2 None of our spare servers could boot from the RAID array from bs-dal-e5kvm4, we will be testing final one as soon as the datacenter team is available again. The other nodes should be available and working.

10.02.2024 19:30 GMT+2 Unfortunately the RAID array was unable to be recovered therefore we have full data loss on the server. Affected customers will be contacted to arrange compensation options.