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[RESOLVED] Network Outage

Veröffentlicht: 2022-07-08

Today our Dallas deployment has experienced a network issue, causing network access to go up and down randomly. We have identified a bad switch, responsible for it and have replaced it. Our team is monitoring the situation and we will update this news post with any more information. Update 10.07.2022: We have been monitoring our equipment for the last 48 hours and it appears that the issue ...

[RESOLVED] Dallas Network Outage

Veröffentlicht: 2021-07-23

10:14 PM GMT+2 Our equipment in Dallas is unreachable at the moment. We have datacenter team investigating the cause on site, pending further information. 01:29 AM GMT+2 After checking our entire equipment, our datacenter team discovered that our main distribution switch has had it's drive fail, therefore erasing the data on it. We are already working on getting a replacement, however the ...

[RESOLVED] Outage on some VPS

Veröffentlicht: 2021-03-07

Dear drServer Family, We have suffered an outage on one of our nodes today, which has caused some VPS to go down. The node's hardware is healthy and data is not affected. We have performed unscheduled reboot to get it back online. All VPS-es should be online post-reboot. If you are having any trouble with access to your VPS, please open a support ticket and we will assist you ASAP. We ...